6 Printed Parts to Modify and Upgrade Anet ET5X 3D Printer

Credit to the Home MAK3R

Many users prefer to modify and upgrade their 3D printers with printed parts by their own 3D printers. These modifications and upgrades can either provide more convenience while using a 3D printer, or enhance its performance, or sometimes make it much safer. Today we’re going to share 6 marvelous designs with printable parts to modify and upgrade Anet ET5X 3D printer. And thanks to the YouTube channel, the Home MAK3R for sharing this information to us.


No. 1 Tool Box

Designer: 7RM7ND0

Thingiverse: 4121638

This printed tool box can be slide in through the grove of the top bar of the Anet ET5X 3D printer. So the mounting is easy without screws or nuts. It can hold small tools like L hexagon wrenches.


No. 2 Fan Blower

This fan blower is printed in translucent PLA and looks pretty cool.

Sorry that we can’t find file link right now. We’ll later upload it and give you the download link ASAP.


No. 3 Cable protector

Designer: dasaki

Thingiverse download: 4202539

Extra accessories:

2x M3 nuts
2x M3x8mm screws

This printed PLA cable protector is composed by two parts and you can use M3 screws and nuts to mount them tight to protect print bed wiring away from rubbing with the base. It ensures the ET5X 3D printer much safer operation.



No. 4 Z-Axis Stabilizer & Filament Guide

Designer: Artmen

File download link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4085298

This Z axis stabilizer can tighten the Z axis mechanism and stabilize its movement as well as stretch the filament outwards for a more extended posture to avoid filament tangling. It’s quite helpful for daily 3D printing.


No. 5 Universal Spool Holder

Designer: egoitz89

Thingiverse download link: 4164041

Extra accessories:

1x M8 rod (170mm aprox.)
3x M8 self-locking nut.
2x washers (optional)
2x 608ZZ bearing

This universal spool holder is recommended by the author to print with PETG material for more strength to hold the filament spool.


It has 4 printed parts and to mount them onto the bracket, you’ll have below extra components.


  1. M8 rod (170mm aprox.)
  2. 3x M8 self-locking nut.
  3. 2x washers (optional)
  4. 2x 608ZZ bearing


No. 6 Filament Guide

Designer: NiceAndNew

File download link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4234336

Extra accessories:

1x M5x25

This filament guide works as a rolling wheel to guide filament smoothly into the extruder. It’s mounted right on filament sensor cap and keeps the filament straight entering into the extruder. It remarkably enhances filament extruding stability.


That’s all for today’s sharing on 3D printed parts to modify and upgrade Anet ET5X 3D printer. Certainly these designs help us a lot in daily 3D printing. Also to notice, these parts can be mounted on Anet ET4 3D printers too.


Thanks again to the YouTube channel, the Home Mak3r. Welcome to contact us if you have any ideas about modifications and upgrades of Anet 3D printers. And it’s appreciated if you’re able to share with us. Together, we make 3D printing much easier!

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Rose Say - December 5, 2020

Hello Home MAK3R, thank you for sharing these parts.

Do you also know where we can download suitable V/T-Slot Covers for ET5X?
I found some on Thingiverse and they are all for other printers, and I cannot be sure if they are compatible.

Thank you.

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