A8 Plus SEMI DIY Version User Manual-Use Instruction (Chapter 1)



<1. Use Instruction>

<2. Installation Instruction>

<3. Spare Parts List>

<4. Parameter>

<5. Name of Parts>

<6. Installation>

<7. Machine Function Introduction>


In order to prevent damage to you and others in the process of using, Please be aware of the following:

● Please do not attempt to use the machine in any way undescribed in the instructions to avoid accidental personal injury and property damage.

● Please do not place this machine near inflammable and explosive materials or high heat sources. Please place this machine in a ventilated, cool and dust free environment.

● Please do not place the printer on a larger vibrating or other unstable platform. The shaking of the machine will affect the printing quality.

● Please do not replace the power line of other products during installation. Please use the original power line supplied with the machine. The working power supply uses 110V/220V AC. The power plug must be plugged into the three holes socket with ground wire to avoid damage to components or accidents such as fire and electric shock.

● Please do not touch the nozzle and heating bed during the printer working to prevent high temperature burns and personal injury.

● Please do not wear gloves or wrappers when operating the machine in case the movable parts cause entanglement and cutting damage on the human body parts.

After printing, please use the remaining temperature of the nozzle to clean up the filament on the it with the help of tools. Do not touch the nozzle directly with your hands during cleaning to prevent scalding.

● Please often do product maintenance. In the circumstance of power off, please regularly clean the printer body with dry cloth to wipe away dust and bonded printing materials, foreign objects on guide rails, and lubricating oil is recommended for sliding parts, screw rods and bearing parts.

● Children under 14 years old or people above 60 years old, please use this machine under the adult people to avoid personal injury.

● Some filaments will produce slight odor but it won't make people feel uncomfortable , so it is recommended that you use A8 Plus in a well-ventilated environment.

● Self-disassembly or modification may cause damage or abnormal performance, and your machine will no longer enjoy warranty service.

● It is recommended to use A8 Plus in a well-ventilated environment. Please cut off the power supply after using.

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