Open Firmware for the Anet ET5 Series 3D Printers

The Anet ET4 series 3D printers are fully open-sourced with Marlin firmware version available to update on our Forum: This ensures regular updates and the latest features from a large and active community of users. We are so proud we can give back to the whole 3D community, and big kudos to David Teran, for your great work :) 

We open this petition to hear your voice and feedbacks on the open-source of our ET5 series printers, including Anet ET5, ET5 X, ET5 Pro. and also, let us what features you'd like to have!

For example: adjust the PID, change motor`s steps, replace the extruder, add a BLTouch, add a second motor, add new languages, activate linear advance, be able to mount a direct extrusion with a pancake motor, activate s-curve, junction, enable live-z, speed up homing speeds, filament loading and unloading, and many other things.!

And thank you for the support of our Anet community!!

Anet! Listen to our customers!!!!

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