Open Timing Belt for 3D Printer

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Open 3d printer timing belt with 20 teeth timing belt pulley and Allen wrench. 

Compatible with Anet A8, A8 Plus, Anet A6 3D printers. And the GT2 timing belts and pulleys are popular choices for Reprap, Prusa, MendelMax, and 3D printers. It is also the perfect accessory for engraving machines, dishwashers, packaging machines, motorcycles, automobiles, dryers, etc.

Belt Specifications:

  • Belt width: 6 mm
  • Pitch: 2 mm

Belt Pulley Specifications:

  • 20 teeth timing belt pulley

    Package Includes:

    3D printer belt

    (20 teeth timing belt pulley * 4PCS)

    Allen wrench * 1PCS

    Shipping from the Chinese warehouse.

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