ET4's Newest Firmware Update 1.1.5 Has Released Now!

How are you doing guys? Anet ET4 was upgraded agaaaaaaain~
Yes, today We'll push the newest ET4 firmware update - Version 1.1.5 
So now let's check together, what are the new functions it has prepared for us!

* Get firmware lists of Anet ET4 and ET5 printers


1. Format your SD card or change a high-quality one before updating!
2. This firmware version only supports ET4 3D printer without capacitive leveling sensor. 
3. Users are forbidden to use this firmware to update ET4 Pro, ET4X, ET5,or any other model.
The main marker, except the nameplate attached to the left side of machines, to distinguish between ET4 and ET4 Pro is to identify their printerheads' appearance. You can have a clear impression of them from the two pics below. 
                ET4's Printerhead                               ET4 Pro's Printerhead

First, yeah, it has once for all solved this nerve-wracking issue - SD card cannot be plugged off when the machine is operating. Now, we 'll say goodbye to it!

Second, we have optimized the leveling compensation process, yes, an absolutely simplified automatic leveling function has come out. In addition, some users reflected that their homing ET4 without leveling when using it first time would get its extruder stuck. Now this problem will never emerge again with updating our newest firmware

Third, some bugs in the firmware that would brisk the machine after updating have been repaired. We believe a safer updating will be ensured 

What are you waiting for? Just update the firmware now, the new firmware will go on providing you with a better experience! But, yeah, we still have the responsibility to provide assistance to those who might brick our ET4(though there's only a slight possibility). So in case, you should check out this:
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Gil - May 6, 2020

I updated to the latest firmware (1.1.5)and is stop heating during printing some times at 8% others times 67% and others % ,is not consistent a lot variations of temperature.
is Very bad update.
i need help to resolve this problem not need a
step papers.

Richard - May 6, 2020

I updated to the latest firmware (1.1.5) and now all of the prints ar coming out wrong. It wont create the outline of a simplegcode correctly.

How do i fix this?

Dominik Leitgeb - May 4, 2020

I updated my 3D printer Anet ET4 and now it is stuck in the booting section from the 3D printer, i can´t do anythin with it. How can i solve it? please help!

Juan Joy - April 29, 2020

Está actualización de firmware es solo para la Anet ET4? Es válida para la ET4 X?

Rayhan Nanda R - April 21, 2020

hey i rayhan from indonesia, I have 3 anetet4 and both of my anetet4 failed to update firmware 1.1.5 so that the power loss recovery feature is missing. well for j-link tools in Indonesia there is no one selling it, can I use St-Link v2? and how?

so thank you
Sorry, my English is bad

R.L. - April 18, 2020

Please do not update, it will damage the printer.
Turns off the filament temperature when the home point is approached.
Or stop heating during printing.Very bad update. Please ask the company to release a patch update, this destroys the printer !!!

Rodrigo Adasme - April 14, 2020

Estimados Anet, Disculpen el idioma, pero compre una ET4 a través de, tecnosistec ltda., en Chile.

La impresora nunca logró funcionar como se propone en la cantidad de foros y web que la recomiendan, al menos la ET4 normal es un desastre de impresora, estoy molesto e indignado porque mi proveedor tampoco me responde por la garantía de la impresora, acabo de comprar una figura de decoración por 352 dólares, la impresora pierde pasos de impresión en el eje Z. y las impresiones son deficientes tengo una serie de imágenes que tengo de respaldo de la mala calidad de impresión y por lo que veo su post venta en general es mala y no le responden a los clientes que escriben aca en su Web. Creality sin duda es mejor marca que ANET y sus impresora realmente si revolucionaron el mercado en el segmento de le et4, ANET es un FRACASO y una ESTAFA.

Oscar Saucedo - April 9, 2020

I tried to update the filmwawre, but, when it´s all done, and i resat the printer, it just get stucked in the logo

Otto - April 5, 2020

I can’t understand if this firmware is suitable for my Anet ET4 printer or is it only for Anet ET4 Pro?

Carlos - April 4, 2020

I tried to update the firmware but the machine doesn’t work. Could you help me to recover the ANET ET4?

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