LCD Screen for Anet ET4 / ET5 3D Printer

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The Anet ET4 series 3D printers including ET4, ET4X and ET4 Pro use a 2.8” LCD display while the ET5 series including ET5, ET5X and ET5 Pro 3D printer use a 3.5” LCD display.

Please select the right size while purchasing replacements LCD display for your specific Anet 3D printer.

How to change the screen of ET4 series 3D printer

1. Remove the screws of the bottom cover of the printer.
2. Remove the bottom cover, you can see the motherboard.
3. Remove the cables connecting P1and P2 from the motherboard
4. Remove the screen fixing screws
5. Remove the screen
6. Connect the P1, P2 cables to the motherboard. (Pay attention to the corresponding number here, incorrect wiring will cause a black screen ) After changing to a new screen, connect and fix it with screws
7. Connect the other end of the P1 P2 cables to the new screen
8. Fix the screen (Note: Fix the screws diagonally and then tighten them to avoid misalignment)
9. Install the bottom cover, the replacement of the screen is complete.